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Overseas Property For Sale Thailand Can Offer

If you’re looking for an overseas property for sale, Thailand is a country to seriously consider. There is more to Thailand than a paradise location for backpackers. Many overseas visitors are choosing to retire in Thailand and other visitors are staying for part of the year to enjoy what Thailand has to offer.

Property Investments

Imagine coming home to a luxury villa on a large plot of land, built to blend in with the existing coconut trees, flora, fauna and rock formations, which maximizes the feeling of privacy and space. This is just one of the property options Thailand offers.

Another type of property for sale Thailand can offer is golfing property – property in and located around a golf course facility or club. A golfing property can mean open space and pleasing views, gated security, facilities which could include hotels, spa’s, sports facilities, supermarkets, entertainment, restaurants, swimming pools. All of this has huge rental potential, and sometimes this is ‘guaranteed.’

Thailand currently has much to offer investors in terms of off-plan villas, townhouses or apartments. Almost all the off-plan property for sale in Thailand is located in the major investment hot-spots. Property prices remain good value for money and the property market has recovered from the downturn in the late 90’s. The recovery was helped, for example, with low interest rates, strong domestic consumption, and tax measures to stimulate the property markets.

Most property is purchased directly from a developer or via an agent. A solicitor will represent you in the property purchase and complete all the legal requirements of the sale. Solicitors carry out the usual range of checks: that the vendors have the correct title and are able to transfer it to you; search for any charges and liabilities that are attached to the property; advise you on all of your obligations; assist with the transfer of your funds.


Thailand’s major Unique Selling Point (USP) is tourism and the government promotes Thailand on a global scale. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) predicts continued growth for 2008, with an estimated total of 14.8 million tourists, generating Baht 547 billion in the process.

Thailand offers visitors many benefits including beautiful beaches, tasty food, friendly people and excellent health care. Phuket is the main tourist destination which lies at the bottom of mainland Thailand. Thailand is also a divers’ paradise with the marine national park of Koh Similan renowned as a world class diving site.

Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, Thailand is one of the cheapest places to fly to in Asia, with direct flights readily available to Bangkok from many international airports. There is an excellent rail service covering the majority of the country, the trains are comfortable and cheap, and timetables are in English.


Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist kingdom and is located in Southeast Asia surrounded by Myanmar to the north and west, Laos to the northeast, Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand to the southeast and Malaysia and Myanmar to the south.

The largest city in Thailand is Bangkok, with about 6 million people. As well as being the largest city and the main seaport, Bangkok is the Capital of Thailand. The climate is sub-tropical with long hours of sunshine and high humidity. The temperature is hot from March to June, rainy from July to October, and cool from November to February.


Thailand has recently seen economic growth and investors now view Thailand as a very promising destination. There are different types of property for sale Thailand has to offer the investor, with price ranges to suit all pockets.

What to know about traveling in Thailand

THAILAND By Laura Pauley

A country with so many wonders and differences to any other

What makes visitors from all over the globe want to travel to this enchanted country and experience a culture like no other?

Deciding to go to Thailand is the easy part, deciding what part to go to is the hardest. With endless beaches in the south and the misty mountains of the golden gate triangle in the north. Thailand offers an endless variety of things to see and experience.


This is me; you’re typical Blonde English girl in my early 20′s standing alone in the busy bustle of the Bangkok streets, along with tourists and locals from all over bartering for Gucci’ bags and Nike’ trainers. Then there’s the food stalls. Letting off smells of all kinds. Selling anything from traditional Thai cuisine to dead cooked mosquitoes. Bangkok is an overwhelming city no matter what time of year you visit. There is always something going on, like any city. But the culture and tranquillity makes Bangkok come alive!

I arrived into Bangkok airport at 3am with no accommodation booked. In any situation where you’re alone in a strange country with different rules and regulations to what you know you’re bound to panic.

Arriving into Bangkok I was completely unsure of what to expect. However I was blown away by my first impression. The Thai people could not do enough for there tourists. As soon as I stepped out of the airport there was a helping hand for my luggage, then there was the information booth in the airport terminal phoning around all of Bangkok trying to book me accommodation.

When I arrived into Bangkok I was completely unaware of the festival that was to be that week. It was the Chinese New Year. Accommodation was hard to find, this meant that that the one week that I spent in Bangkok I was moved to three different hotels. This was of course my own fault for not booking in advance.

Prior to travelling to Thailand fellow backpackers informed me to not book accommodation, as it was cheaper to do it when you get there. I took there advice and found myself stuck as it was the Chinese New Year! However the Thai community were great in helping me.

The hotel reception staff were great in helping me not only find my next nights accommodation but also in befriendlying me. I became good friends with one particular lady. She showed me round Bangkok, told me where to go, eat, sleep etc… The

The Secret Of Choosing A Nice Hotel In Phuket

Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island. The water itself may not be
as breathtaking as Phi Phi or Similan island, but it’s still
beautiful. My suggestion is you stay at Phuket and then take a
boat to Phi Phi, Similan or other smaller nearby islands for a
snorkeling or diving trip.

Phuket Thailand becomes lively during the night — with all the
pubs, bars and restaurants opening until midnight or later. You
can choose to stay at your Phuket hotel and have romantic dinner
there. Or you can choose to take a stroll at Phuket’s popular
Patong beach for some night scene. Phuket has dozens of beaches.
Each has tens, if not hundreds, of hotels. If you don’t like a
crowded beach with hundreds of restaurants and bars, stay away
from Patong beach.

Looking to find a nice Phuket Thailand hotel that’s just perfect
for your budget? No problem. I’ll recommend some nice hotels for
you. Well, if you don’t mind a very huge lagoon next to the
beach and a very big resort hotel, then stay at the Laguna
Phuket. Actually at the Laguna Phuket, there are five hotels
(yes, it’s that BIG — Allamanda, Banyan Tree, Dusit Laguna,
Laguna Beach, and Sheraton Grande Laguna). They’re all beautiful
and luxurious. So, expect to spend from $100 to over $300 a
night, depending on the resort you choose.

And there’s this secluded private hotel that I really –really–
love… The Chedi Phuket. For me, the price is just right too.
It’s a little over $100. But you’d be glad to pay a lot more
than that for a hotel room this cozy. And let me tell you, the
private beach right in front of the Chedi is a lot more
beautiful than other beaches in Phuket too.

Most foreigners (especially Westerners) I know like to stay at
Mom Tri’s Boat House. I don’t know why. I haven’t stayed there,
so I can’t tell you. But I just know for a fact they ‘really’
like to stay there. The price is around $70. This Phuket resort
hotel is designed by a well-known architect of Thailand. So 70
bucks a night is a steal.

Now if you’re willing to stay off Phuket island, then I suggest
you stay at the Racha on Racha island. It’s only 20 minutes away
from Phuket. It’s a private and totally gorgeous resort island.
The beach is white, sandy and just beautiful. The resort itself
is beyond explanation. Plus, the price is just a few bucks over

Lonely Traveler – No Home, Sweet Home

One thing is for sure: family life is great and vacations with your loved ones is possibly the best way to share a nice time and to have great memorials of the places you have visited related to the persons you have been there with. A lonely traveler, for sure will not have this opportunity, but many others are opened to him.

Who a lonely traveler must be? Is it anything special you need to go around the world alone? I can say right now that there are no born lonely travelers, but self-made ones. Nobody is born to be anything. In other words, and more typically said, we are what we do.

To be a lonely traveler you need to gain confidence in yourself and from this everything else comes together. The kind of way society is structure nowadays is fighting to make the lonely traveler to disappear. But you know one thing? We will survive! Sure we will, because traveling alone has many advantages that can’t be left behind.

Society makes us dependent. You can look it from the point of view you prefer, but society always tries to classify us in groups, sub-groups, tries to find us a position in this world and makes us assume this position and act accordingly. No way. As almost a 95% of people follow this rules, it is obvious that everybody has told them their obligations but nobody told them about their rights. And you all have the right to avoid following society. But nobody will tell you.

Difficulties for the lonely traveler exist. Hotel rooms is one of the discriminating examples for the lonely traveler. Why do I have to pay more if I travel alone? I do not need a double room! Don’t you have one for a single person? Sounds like obvious they should have but many times that’s not the case, or they have so few that you will need to book ages ago to get it. And the lonely traveler does not like to book hotel rooms in advance, it takes away the independence that traveling alone gives.

For this reason and not for our level of craziness it happens that the lonely traveler has been forced to find alternative ways to travel, probably not so luxurious but more interesting. Sharing a house with local families, many kind of hostels, working in farms to have the “sleep and meat” for free, etc. In the end this turns us into people with a very strong potential to save, and that also allows us to spend a lot more time in a destinations than the usual way of traveling.

One of the great alternatives for the independent travelers are places where prices are cheaper, and a great place to explore is Asia. One of my friends spent 3 months visiting China, Thailand and Vietnam for the same cost you would pay for 1 week at a 4 stars beach side famous resort. He was normally sleeping at hostels and traveling always by road or slow trains across the country.

The experience you can get from this is so deep that I could see it in his eyes when he was telling me about it. He knew almost everything about the region. The cultural immersion you have when traveling alone is extreme, as you don’t rely in your travel partners for everything, but you need to interact with the locals directly. When we are traveling in family or friends we tend to keep more closed to the new world, our senses many times are too much into our colleagues or loved ones than into what we have in front. Taking all distractions away lets the lonely traveler to go deep into every single place visited, and this is what makes the real enjoyment of traveling.

In no way my aim is to criticize the travelers that, like myself in many occasions, stay at quality hotels. The idea is simply to open your eyes to a new universe to discover. Still, not everything will be easy, and common sense needs to be a quality over all. No excuses to be a woman. If you put common sense and get informed you are safe everywhere as a lonely traveler. Still not convinced? Well, I’ll put you in contact with my other female friend who spent 2 months alone in Brazil. Her age? 22.

Trang Hotels- Oasis of Peace


Trang, a gem of Thailand, is a land of pristine beauty, sun soaked beaches and lush greenery. Located 828 kilometers from Bangkok, this city of Thailand is renowned for its islands, parks and beaches. Embark on a trip to the Ko Kradan or explore the Khao Chong Wildlife and Nature Education Centre. You can lie back on the beaches, indulge yourself in the varied sport activities or soak yourself in the history and the culture of the land. To meet the needs of all types of travelers, there are many Trang Hotels.

Be it the hotels in the town or the hotels in the beach areas, all of them offer excellent accommodation facility to all. The Thumrin Thana Hotel located close to the airport, bus terminal and the train station is a good option of accommodation. Trang Plaza Hotel located opposite Praya Rasadanupradit Mouument Park offers 196 guest rooms that are well appointed. Thumrin Hotel is proud to be the first luxurious international first class hotel of Trang. Wattana Park Hotel where you can get style and comfort under the same roof offers international standard of services to all.

Apart from these there are a good number of resorts in beach areas. The Chang Lang Resort, the Lay Trang Resort, the Amari Trang Beach Resort and the Pak Meng Resort are some of them. The islands of Trang also feature a good number of accommodation option. Koh Mook Charlie Beach Resort in Koh Mook beach is a paradise for nature lovers. The traditional bungalow of Koh Ngai Villa which overlooks panoramic seas and gardens is worth mentioning. Most of the hotels and the resorts in Trang, Thailand are located in the midst of natural beauty. If you are a nature lover, then the beachfront Cottages are the best for you.

It is one of the prime destinations for honeymooners. To welcome you there are special honeymoon suites with a host of modern facilities that shower the much desired comfort. The hotels of Trang feature a number of well appointed rooms that assure you the comfort and the warmth of your home. Apart from the standard rooms, there are honeymoon suites for honeymooners, executive suites for business travelers and disabled rooms for physically challenged ones.

Trang Hotels. also offer excellent dining, business and recreational facilities. You can dine the regional dishes served in the restaurant or can sip a glass of your favorite drink in the bar. Most of the hotels of the city also offer a well equipped conference rooms for all its guests.

Have a Luxurious Stay at Five Star Hotels in Phuket & Bangkok


Phuket is the world famous tourist destination. People around the globe love to visit this large island of Thailand which is located in Thailand’s west coast in the Andaman Sea. Accommodations of Phuket provide enormous luxury facilities. Along the beautiful beaches and natural ambiance, Phuket offers a variety of hotels and resorts. Staying in one of the 5 Star Hotels In Phuket can create an everlasting impression.

Far from the madding crowds of the city life, Phuket is the tranquil heavenly place where travelers can spend a few moments of their life peacefully. While your stay in the hotels what you can expect at best is the warm hospitality and proper attentive service. However, the deluxe hotels include the facilities like bars, restaurants, spa centers, etc.

Amidst the tranquil settings of vast blue sea, good weather of the coastal beaches and the scenic beauty of sunset, Phuket is such a place to mesmerize you with its every possible sight seeing attractions and Thai culture and its friendliness.

Get your mind relaxed by diving or water-skiing on the clear blue water of the island. If you feel to rest then the resorts or motels of Phuket are just good to mention. The 5 Star Hotels in Phuket are the real place to stay for it provides world class facilities to its visitors. Whether you are availing a honeymoon trip or enjoying a vacation with your friends or family, the requirements for staying comfortably is well arranged for every type of guests.

Thailand’s capital city Bangkok is the home to many luxury hotels and resorts. The city offers a good life style which reflects the cultural combination of Asia and Europe. The Buddhist architectures which prevail in Bangkok are the most significant historical importance of the city. Moreover, Bangkok is also nice place for shopping in the big malls and shopping centers. However, Thai delicious foods make the city’s restaurants the best place to dine.

Bangkok Hotels are the heavenly spots where one can stay peacefully and comfortably but the Five Star Hotels have its own special causes to make your stay better. If you want the comfortable luxury accommodations then choose 5 Star Hotels In Bangkok.

Job Opportunities In Thailand

Thailand is a South Asian nation that lies in the east of Cambodia and Laos; Malaysia and Gulf of Thailand. Thailand is 49th largest country that can be compared to the size of California and France. In terms of economy, Thailand is a burgeoning industrial economy that has seen highest growth rate during the period of 1985 to 1996. Being an Asian country, Thailand culture is greatly influenced from China and India. The official language of Thailand is Thai and according to 2006 census its population is 62,828,706 with a density of 122km square. Major religion of Thailand is Buddhism.

However, if you are looking for job opportunities in Thailand, it is the best country to live as it has low cost of living. Incase you are looking for a teaching profession especially English, Thailand holds great prospects for teachers who want to eke out a living in Thailand for education.

Given the natives who are not well educated, for foreigners, it is best opportunity to start off with a lucrative teaching career that helps in making a good living. Teaching English is one of the constant demands in Thailand. However, in the present scenario, the high demand of English teachers has resulted in the downfall of remuneration. Yet, teaching is the best job that an outsider can take course to in Thailand. Some other important sectors for livelihood include tourism and hospitality industry as Thailand attracts a large number of foreigners to its shores for its breathtaking locales and natural scenery. In case you are planning to live in Bangkok, Bangkok is known for its thriving international market with high rate of property.

Given the low cost of labor and affordable housing sector, many MNC are coming with their establishments in Bangkok. This phenomenon has led to large turnover of expatriates to Bangkok. Thailand’s attractive features of ownership laws, condominiums and apartments for foreigners make it the best choice for foreign investors. Bangkok real estate attracts both middle and higher class investors who are employed in the MNC sector. The high demand of MNC sector is churning large scale job opportunities for managerial and CEO posts. This has made Thailand a cosmopolitan nation that welcomes all its visitors with open arms. Well, if you are well educated and can speak English, you won’t find much difficulty in finding a suitable job.

For skilled individuals, there is simply no dearth of jobs in Thailand as it is catering to a large numbers of skilled professionals. For foreigners, Thailand is a haven that offers tourism as well as employment facilities. The state policies towards foreign employment facilities make it a suitable destination for large number of workers who come from various parts of the world in the search of livelihood.

So, if you want to visit Thailand for employment purpose, it is a favorable place that helps you in finding a suitable profession of your choice. For businessmen, Thailand is a perfect destination for economic activities. In case you are looking for a job in Thailand, you certainly have a bright prospect.

Coping With Thailand’s Tightened Visa Regulations

It is the end of an era in Thailand. Political changes occur rapidly in SE Asia. Nowhere is that more evident than inside the Land of Smiles. In the wake of the John Karr / JonBenet Ramsey fiasco, Thailand has tightened restrictions on Tourism Visas and stymied the lives of tens of thousands of travelers. Officials claim the two are not connected.

For many years now, backpackers have flocked to Thailand. It’s tropical climate, gentle citizens, inviting beaches and ease of travel beckon youthful exuberance. Over time, many of us have matured to suitcases and still less-stylish travelers followed suit.

During these Golden Years of Thai travel visitors form 39 countries could enter the Kingdom of Thailand for thirty days without obtaining a visa before their arrival. Those staying on longer would simply make a border run, cross out of the country and return, often within minutes. Whish! Stamp! Boom! They had another thirty days.

Currently details of the new regulations are as clear as mud in an unlit cave. It appears starting October 1, 2006, travelers such as myself will be able to make a maximum of two border runs. We receive thirty days on arrival. Then, we receive thirty days each for the two reentries. After that we may not enter Thailand again for ninety days. In other words, after ninety days in, we must leave for ninety days. Whish! Stamp! Stamp! Out!

The tourism industry will suffer! From taxi drivers and guest houses, to massage schools and laundry services, the impact will be felt. I imagine a Tuk Tuk driver will look up this January and think, “Hey, where’d everybody go?” I like to believe the cumulative economic loss will be more than the Kingdom fathoms and policies will loosen again over time. I also still hang a Christmas stocking up for myself.

Alongside Thais, how are long-term travelers being affected by the changes? If you think the inconvenience to individuals is negligible, consider the following. Here are some examples.

Donald Wood – UK

“My sister and her family were to spend February in Thailand with me. They have canceled their trip. Why? Because, I’ll be out for ninety days by then.”

Kelly Laidlaw – USA

“I paid for a one month TEFL Course and two months ‘volunteer’ teacher training on Samui next year. That’s three months total. I lose days from each 30 day allotment, because I have to do my visa border runs on weekend (to not miss class). This is what I’m left with. I leap into Thailand the day before class starts and sprint for Samui. Then, I fly out the day after I finish teaching/graduate. Perhaps a prospective school can interview me in the Tuk Tuk on the way to the airport.”

Claude DeVosjoli – France

“I had many plans for my six months- sure to travel, but more. I’m always doing something. Mahout training, an expansive meditation experience, maybe I learn to cook Thai. And, there’s trekking, Muay Thai courses… There’s so much to do here. Now I can do only half. Half lose my francs. It’s so hard to choose.”

Barry Anderson – Australia

“Funny thing is Burma (a.k.a. Myanmar) lost business because of the Thai regs. I wanted to hop over there bouts for a week mid-November. Can’t now. That would use up one of my precious two visa runs early. Don’t wanna torch thirteen days I figure.”

Kathy Taylor – Canada

“I sold my home to come to SE Asia for a couple years. The thinking was I would maintain a small apartment in Chiang Mai, take some classes, travel around a bit and have a place to nest and write in between. Now when I travel to other countries it will go lock, stock and barrel, along with my tourism dollars for many months.”

Alan McLawrie – UK

“I’m currently taking classes to learn to speak Thai. I’ll miss the third level now. Of course, I’ll be off in Vietnam not able to practice what I just learned anyway. Also, I volunteer at a dog rescue and will miss the pups. I’m financially independent, yet too young to meet the 50 year old requirement for a Retirement Visa here. Officials actually said this new law will stop bad people and not hurt good people. Well, if financially successful, charitable volunteers who study their culture are bad guys, send me to the front of the line.”

Anita Kroll – USA

“This change is a bit of a pickle for me. I have a three month course this spring. So, in December when my 90 is up, I have to leave Thailand for almost four months, not three. I’ll need the whole next lot of ninety days to cover my class time. The course starts in late April and I’m out in December. I wish there had been more notice before the government changed things, though in retrospect I did not have to pay in advance.”

As you see there are dozens of ways Thailand’s new policies will cause little inconveniences. But, how little are they? You see, I am Anita. I am Alan. I am Kathy, Barry, Kelly, Donald and even Claude DeVosjoli. All these issues occurred for just one peaceful gal who simply loves Thailand. What else do these issues have in common? That’s easy. They take money away (Whish!) from the Kingdom of Thailand and its citizens.

Teach English in Thailand in 10 Days

If are a native English speaker with a college degree in ANY subject you can easily find work teaching in Bangkok within 10 days, just follow the steps below.

Before You Leave:

There are several things you’ll want to have in order before you leave to make your job search easier once you arrive in Thailand.

1. Make several copies of your college degree and pack them along with the original in a protective case.

2. Some employers in Thailand will ask for University transcripts so get several copies to bring along with you.

3. Create a resume specific to teaching abroad before you leave. Make sure it emphasizes any teaching, training or travel experience that you have. Save your resume to either CD or flash drive before you go so you can print it at an internet shop in Bangkok.

4. Most employers will ask for references so make sure to get 2-3 letters of reference from employers, co-workers or teachers.

5. Send contact emails to the big English schools in Bangkok before you leave. You should summarize your qualifications, let them know when you’re arriving in Thailand and ask for an interview.

6. Pack 2-3 nice outfits for interviewing. This means suit and tie for men and business attire for women, either skirt or pants is fine, but I think a skirt is viewed more positively by the Thai’s.

Day 1: Arrival in Thailand

Hopefully you booked a hotel before you arrived, but if not don’t worry. There are hundreds of hotels in Bangkok with prices starting under $10 a night. Do some internet research before you go or simply head right to Khao San Road when you arrive.

Day 2: Get Your Bearings

Sleep in late and let your body start to adjust. No job searching today, instead just wander about and start to take in your new surroundings. Back at your room unpack your resume, transcripts, degree etc. Unpack one set of interview clothes. If they are wrinkled take them to the hotel or guest house laundry and get them ironed. Have a good dinner and get to bed early.

Day 3: Get a Mobile Phone

You’ll need a number for prospective employers to call you at. Don’t give them the number to your hotel or guest house and ask them to leave a message. This is both unprofessional and unreliable. Many messages will go astray or be delivered late. Mobile phones are cheap and easily available in Bangkok. Go to one of the large shopping centers such as Central Pinklao (close to Khao San Road) or Mah Boon Krong – MBK (close to Silom, take the BTS and get off at the National Stadium station) and you’ll find many shops selling both new and used mobile phones. Expect to pay 2000 baht (around $60) or upwards for a decent phone. Try to buy new if you can afford it. You can get used phones cheaper, but I don’t recommend it. The used phones will generally only last anywhere from 2 months to 2 days and there is no return policy. Save yourself some hassle and buy new, it’s still inexpensive.

Day 4: Hit the Computer

Get your resume CD (or the flash drive) and head out to one of the internet cafes. Open your resume and add your new phone number to it and then print out 20 copies. The cheaper internet cafes will charge just 5 baht a copy. Keep your resumes in a thick folder to keep them safe and unwrinkled.

Next, fire up the browser and head over to TEFL Asia where you’ll find one of the best lists of available teaching jobs in Thailand. Take a look through and copy any that seem promising to you. Send an email to each of the promising one’s and paste your resume directly into the body of the email rather than attaching a file. In the email tell the school that you’re in Bangkok and are looking to start immediately. Ask them to review your resume and ask for an interview. Close the letter with your phone number and email address.

By now you could probably use a break to clear your head, stretch your legs and get something to eat. Head out to get some great and cheap Thai food.

Now back to the internet cafe and fire up your browser again to visit Dave’s ESL Cafe. This site isn’t specific to teaching English in Thailand, but there are usually some Thai jobs listed. Browse through the list and send emails to any of the jobs that look good to you. Just like before, tell the school that you are in Bangkok and are looking to start immediately. Ask them to review your resume and ask for an interview. Close the letter with your phone number and email address.

Finally, send follow up emails to the big English schools that you contacted previously, if you haven’t heard back from them yet. Refer to the previous email and let them know that you are now in Bangkok and ready to start working immediately. Close the letter with your phone number and ask for an interview again.

Day 5: Hit the Pavement

Time to actually get yourself out there in front of some employers, so put on your business clothes, grab your resumes, diploma and transcript copies and copies of your reference letters and get moving. The first place you want to go is a photo shop to get some passport type photos. Most of the schools in Bangkok will ask for a photo as part of your application package. You can find numerous photo shops around the Khao San Road area where you can get passport sized photos for around 100 baht for four. Get 12 or more.

Next go check your email since you might have responses from yesterday’s inquiries. Immediately call and/or email any schools that have shown an interest to schedule an interview. Make sure to get directions to the school.

The rest of your day will be spent visiting schools. It’s not the most efficient way of conducting a job search due to the traffic in Bangkok, but it is good to get some face to face exposure and practice interviewing. The top thing to keep in mind when interviewing is to smile and show enthusiasm.

When looking for walk-in interviews the best place to start is Siam Square because of the large number of English schools. Get a taxi and tell the driver “Siam Square”. He’ll get you there and once you arrive take some time to walk around. You’ll find that there are branches for Siam Computer, ECC, The British Council, English First and Go Chula in or around the Siam Square area. Visit them all and drop off a resume and get an appointment if possible.

After you’re done at Siam Square get on the BTS and take it to the Ratchidamri station. Once you arrive at Ratchidamri station walk south towards Lumpini Park about 5 minutes to get to AUA, which is one of the larger and most well known English schools in Bangkok. Drop off a resume and try to schedule an interview.

Don’t be discouraged if nothing happens. Remember, the purpose of walk-ins is to grow more comfortable talking to employers.

You’ve very likely had a long, hot and tiring day. Head back to your hotel and take a long relaxing shower and go get some dinner. Head back to bed early because your next day should be just as busy.

Day 6: Searching The Bangkok Post and The Nation

After you have breakfast head straight to a coffee shop or bookstore and pick up copies of The Bangkok Post and The Nation. These are the top two English language newspapers in Bangkok and are a decent source of job ads, although not as good as they have been in the past. Scan through the classifieds circling any promising looking advertisements. Immediately call those with a phone number to schedule an interview. Make sure to mention that you meet their qualifications and are looking for work immediately.

Now go to the internet cafe to check for any email responses to the inquires you’ve been sending out. Respond to them immediately by phone if possible and schedule an interview. Also, send emails to contacts from The Bangkok Post and The Nation that did not have phone numbers listed or couldn’t be reached by phone.

By now you should have a good sized list of interviews scheduled so you’ll spend the rest of the day heading off to interviews. Remember to dress your best, smile, be enthusiastic and polite.

Day 7: More Interviews

After a good breakfast check you email again and call to schedule more interviews with any schools that have responded. You should still have a decent list of interviews and the rest of today will be another interview day.

Day 8: Relax

You’ve had three very busy days so unless you have a very promising interview scheduled take the day off and relax. Sleep late, get a massage, do some sightseeing, but relax. Do check your email and follow up with inquiries, but try to take it easy today.
Day 9 & 10: Interviews and Contracts

Both days start by checking your email and responding to any inquires. By this time you should have at least one job offer, but do not accept the first offer. Make sure you examine the contract first carefully.

Check your prospective school at TEFLWatch before you accept a position. TEFLWatch has a pretty good list of Bangkok schools with comments from current and past teachers about the working conditions.

Ask questions about the contract and the job. How many hours a week are you required to teach (anything over 25 is too much)? Will the school sponsor a work visa (they should)? Will the school help you to find an apartment? What is the pay (less than 35,000 baht a month is too low)? If you can talk to other teachers at the school and see if they are satisfied with the job. Are they treated well? Are they paid on time? Once you are satisfied go ahead and sign the contract.

By following the steps above anyone with a college degree can easily find a job teaching English in Thailand in 10 days or less. Keep in mind that TESL/ESL jobs in Thailand do not pay very well by western standards, but the cost of living in Thailand is quite low. If you are able to live simply you will be able to cover your expenses and save a few hundred dollars a month. And there are a huge number of jobs available for English teachers. With a nice appearance and some organizations finding a job and becoming an English teacher in Thailand in 10 days is virtually assured.

Weddings in Exotic Thailand, A Dream Coming True

The Kingdom of Thailand lies in the heart of Southeast Asia, making it a natural gateway to Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China. Its shape and geography divide into four natural regions; the mountains and forests of the North; the vast rice fields of the Central Plains; the semi-arid farm lands of the Northeast plateau; and the tropical islands and long coastline of the peninsula south.

Thailand constantly is winning awards for its tourism infrastructure, recently the Swedish travel publication, Travel News, presented the annual Grand Travel Award – the equivalent of the travel and tourism industry’s ‘Oscars’ – for the fifteenth consecutive year.

Thailand is increasing in popularity as a wedding destination as people seek more exotic environments and are able to hold more lavish receptions at luxury accommodation. There is nothing quite as touching as to play a part in someone’s wedding, and locations such as Koh Samui and Phuket offer stunning luxury villa rentals to accommodate such groups. Many villas are purposefully build to offer the best possible setting, secluded, romantic, and beautiful, surrounded by the deep blue ocean, and row after row of coconut palms.

Organizers can provide Christian, non-secular or Buddhist-style weddings, and each can be completely customized to ensure the most memorable day possible. Everything you need can you provided to make your wedding perfect, at only a fraction of the cost that you would pay in your home country. Nothing is quite as romantic as saying ‘I do’ on the beach, on a tropical island, under the shining sun and bright blue sky. You can share your special day with friends and loved ones or simply savor the moment just for yourselves. We can help make all your wedding dreams come true.

Luxury villas in Phuket and Samui can accommodate wedding parties of up to 85 people just within a villa, or they can cater for groups of up to 150 people if staying outside. If you are planning on having a large Koh Samui Wedding, please contact us in advance for more information about the special packages we offer.

Another advantage of having your wedding in Thailand is that the wedding and honeymoon are part of the same package. With hundreds of attractions throughout Thailand it is great opportunity to travel the country and to enjoy the time with family and friends.

Luxury villas catering to wedding groups are likely to expand into other areas of Thailand as infrastructure improves, Krabi is fast becoming the next fashionable destination for high end visitors and Koh Chang near the Cambodian border is also seeing a large increase in visitors who are more adventurous and want to experience different areas of the country.

Whatever destination a wedding couple chooses, they are sure to be offered great value for money and an amazing choice of Thai villas from any destination they choose. With the incredible diversity throughout Thailand guests are no doubt going to have the wedding of their dreams when staying in their luxury accommodation in the beautiful country of Thailand.