Kraken Pragmatic Play Slots

Kraken Pragmatic Play Slots

When we hear the name kraken, our brain automatically imagines a thought that describes a large octopus. Yep, a large octopus was created by the giant gambling slot company Pragmatic from England.

The Kraken features a large octopus trying to sink a large ship. For the Kraken slot itself, it uses 5 spin reels and 40 lines. There is also a feature that is always sought after by many slot gambling lovers, namely Buy Spin.

The buy spin feature is amazing, because you pay some money right away to get free spins. This is one of the interesting features offered by Pragmatic, which is why some gamblers turn from other providers to Pragmatic.

Release The Kraken Slot

As we informed above Kraken at Slotdemo which uses 5 reels and each for each reel will give 4 symbols. Overall for 1x spin will issue 20 symbols and 40 payout lines.

As for the minimum bet with 2,800 rupiah the lowest. Of course these numbers are not cheap for small slot gamblers. However, if you can trigger the free spins feature without buying the feature, it will be very profitable for you.

To trigger free spins you need at least 3 bonus symbols. When you have triggered the free spins feature you will automatically open a box, the contents of the box have a number in each box.

Some give you different numbers such as numbers 1, 2, 3 in each box. And it’s random. When you get the word collect on the box, your spin calculation will automatically be totaled from what you got from each previous box.

At that moment you will see a background image of a large octopus trying to destroy a ship. While in the free spin slot when it has started. You just simply focus on the octopus symbol. Due to the free spins you will find it a little difficult because the kraken symbol that we focus on will move from the previous reel to the other reel.

How to Win Playing Pragmatic Slots

How to Win Playing Pragmatic Slots

How to win the Pragmatic Release The Kraken slot? The answer will still be difficult and easy. What’s more, this one slot uses a fairly high spin price. You have to be careful with this one slot, we recommend you try this slot if you have a high deposit value.

Also try not to buy the free spin feature quickly. Try to find a profit first with the small symbols, because the Kraken slot uses 40 payout lines and 5×4 automatic reels, the small symbols are very easy to use.

When you have made a profit and enough to buy the free spins feature, there is no problem to bet. After all, you play bets, all of them need some courage to put them down. If you profit on the free spins feature, the funds will be withdrawn immediately so that there is no risk of going crazy.